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Originally Posted by Watch for the Yeti View Post
Hello guys,

I have been a Left Wing for about 99% of my career, but my coach wants me to play Defense. I'm not going to say no, so I have been trying it out. I haven't played it in a game situation yet, but I like it. I haven't played defense since my first game in Mites, and that was a disaster (I made the switch to LW after that). After that, in Mites and Squirts I played D on the PP sometimes but was of course a LW. Now, my 1st year playing HS hockey, I am playing D again. I am tall (5'10") but have no muscle mass , which makes it hard for me to knock guys down. I know the position well, but I am skeptical about my ability to play it in a game situation. I am slow skater (thanks to the long layoff) and pretty timid out there (I am always afraid too get hit for some reason). My strengths are playmaking and shooting the puck (wrist shots). We'll see how it goes, does anyone have any advice.

It looks like I am going to be on the 1st pairing.
First of all, congrats in making the 1st pairing in your 1st year of HS hockey and having just transitioned from forward at at that.

Sounds like despite the slow footspeed, you have a decent amount of skill as your coach is showing a good a amount of trust in you by putting you on the first pairing. I think you've already got the most important thing down by having an open mind and showing a team approach.

The next thing I'd consider is asking your coach what his expectations of you are. Does he want you to be more if a responsible defensive player, puck mover, etc. it might be wiser to focus on your defensive game at first. Keep things simple. Always try to keep your guy to the outside defending the rush, keep the puck away from the middle when clearing, etc.

Also very important, learn to communicate with your partner and the goalie.

Good luck!

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