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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And here's another point.

What about the Yanks? They've been producing Elite hockey players for more than 30 years now and have had some pretty good success Internationally. Hell, one could even argue that the Americans have fared better than the Russians in this regard over the last 20 years.
So where's all the complaining on their behalf as to why their highest ranked player, Chelios, is barely cracking the top 40 all-time?
I mean, as the arguments go, since they have done so well in best on best tournies, surely they should have all these top ranked players. That's the criteria for the Russians in the 70's and 80's right?
They also provide, by far, more NHL talent than any other Nation other than Canada.

Yet here we are, no one takes issue with this, no one is complaining that Chelios is ranked too low or that other Americans are getting the shaft.
Surely since they are producing so many players, they must be showing up higher in the lists. That's another argument for the Russians right?

Hmmmm...interesting no?

Hey, maybe they should have started their own 10-12 team, 3 tier League back in the early 80's that only played 40-50 games a year and then we could have used the stats from that League to propel them even higher in the all-time lists
Sounds about right doesn't it?
I always use the Yanks in my approach at the context of the NHL and if you read back, their trickle started in the 70's then boomed in the 80's while the guys from Europe trickled in the 80's then it was full boom in the 90's till now.

Yes that context should be taken and the Canadian standard is pretty simple, take a guy and put his points against all Canadians in any year to get a most fair year to year comp for guys between eras.

Then one can account for number of teams ect (which has a higher variance factor as well) but sadly you don't understand the simple numbers and trends over time and instead like to pinpoint only certain years to help your argument. These are trends over time.

Simple exercise, look at the nationality of all star teams over time and see the influx of non Canadian talent over time on all positions, you might learn something there.

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