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12-29-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
So does Maz. The big question is which goalie gives the team a better chance to win on any given night? Anyone claiming that either goalie has a real advantage over the other in that simple category is using their heart rather than their brain. Both are inconsistent. Both are liable to get shelled on the first few shots faced and leave the team in a hole it won't recover from. Both are capable of performances like we saw from Maz last night and Hutton against the Sharks. Individual numbers, similar with a slight edge to Maz. Record, close with a slight edge to Hutton. Both are extremely liable to let in 3+ goals per game (7 for Maz - 5 in Dec, 9 for Hutton - 3 in Dec).

The team desperately needs one of them to step up if they are to have a chance at the post season. Pekka's injury shows just how much this team depends on stellar goal tending for its defensive reputation (13th in ES goals allowed in 2011-12 even with Pekka's .923 sv%, .239 gaa Vezina finalist season ... goals allowed ranking plummeting since with Pekka's injury and infection).

It's possible to cherry pick a three game stretch from either's game log where they look great ... both with two such stretches of good play. Those other 2-4 week stretches filling the logs are equally poor for both of them. Yet, Maz's bad weeks are dismissed while Hutton's good get that treatment here. The same inconsistency of play, yet the fans have decided which goalie's good streaks are the real him while the other goalie's bad streaks show his true level of play. The logical disconnect between the two assertions is glaring.
I think the simple argument we're making is that Maz is a better goalie going forward. We should dump Hutton first opportunity we get to unload.
Getting Hutton was a mistake the organization made past summer. Maz on the other hand will keep improving and has already shown much progress and was rightfully awarded the rookie of the month in November. We've seen enough of both goalies to determine who should stay and who should go elsewhere. Maz is the one Preds should keep.

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