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12-29-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Have you even bothered to look at contract lengths? Your post indicate you haven't.

What Maz can be in a year of two does what for us right now? We don't need wins next season, we need them this week. Which goalie gives us a clearly better chance of winning NOW? I'll give you a moment to flip a coin.
We don't know what the org will do going forward and with respect to getting a real goaltender that can backup Rinne in case of an emergency (like we're having this season). If they do not acquire a seasoned goalie - they may need to decide between the two backups we have right now. In my opinion that honor should go to Maz.

Edit: Let's not forget the Preds put themselves in this situation by being so short sighted with respect to Rinne's recovery. What we're witnessing now are the fruits of their terrible decisions. This blunder, however, demonstrated clearly to me that Hutton is not the goalie Preds should invest any time in. Maz on the other hand still has a good chance to be a much better goalie, so I would be more open to spending more time with him, letting him play in AHL more if needed (where he was rocking it out, if my memory serves me right). Our chances to be in the playoffs are pretty much zilch (as much as it hurts to admit, and trust me it is not easy!), so I'm not too concerned about this season's fortunes. I'm more interested about Rinne's 100000000% full recovery for next season. Until then, we could play whomever in the net, but overall, Maz can be the future, and Hut can not.

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