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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Nobody says he needs to be "rampaging bear" Shea ... but watch his play last night against the Kings and compare it to the Stars game. The physicality level was dramatically different. The facial expressions differed. The impact on the game differed. He negated Kopitar most of the night, especially the 1st. There was a similar change in Fisher's play last night. It's amazing how when the leadership group bothers to show up, the team is competitive. When they don't, we get the last two weeks or so of play where the question isn't if we'll lose but how fast the goalies get chased and how bad the total spread will be.

Hornqvist leads by example every shift. Weber doesn't. Fisher doesn't. I'll base that on 20+ years of serving in leadership positions and developing other leaders.
This. ^^^^^

I've watched the Preds play since the beginning. There is a noticeable difference in the level of passion, involvement and effort from Weber. You can see it in his play, the detail and physicality of his play, etc....

And the same was true of Fisher night before last. But Last night he carried the team on his back. The night before, no.

I don't remember the last time that Weber carried the team.

As far as him showing involvement by the number of minutes he plays, bah......the coach makes that decision.

Weber isn't "all in", and frankly for the amount of $$ he's paid and being the C..........he's not showing me he's a professional, either.

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