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12-29-2013, 01:32 PM
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I loved the Bauer X:60 but they always kept breaking right in the middle of my blade. There was even a time I didn't put on new tape for two games and then afterwards discovered the stick felt weird due to a full crack down the middle. That being said I still bought more and went through three of them.

Now I'm using the Easton Mako 85flex with a hall curve and love it, but much like the x:60 they break ALL THE TIME. I guess that's the curse of using a stick that light.

I think next I'm going to go with an Easton RS. Played around with one in the rink shop the other day and it felt nice. Anyone have any love/hate for it?
I've used the RS and RS2 for a few years now. The RS2 is more durable, but I think the RS has better pop in my opinion. Sportchek was selling the RS for $140 awhile ago. I use 85 flex and it gets whippy after awhile. The length of my stick is average to short, and I'm around 170 pounds.

I'll try the V9 after I break these. I held one the other day and took some shots and it was deadly.

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