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Originally Posted by Russian Pred View Post
Why are we just looking at this month? That is just an arbitrary interval. If you look at the season so far the picture is somewhat different. Hutton should be performing much better than Maz - that was the expectation of the team since he was awarded the backup role. Now he is a more or less playing a backup to what was initially third in line backup.
The games until Rinne returns are critical to evaluate if the org keeps Maz. Hutton has pretty much sealed his fate with his play and his age. If your the GM of another team looking down the road looking to pick up a potential starter(Maz) is receiving this evaluation now. The Preds are seeing what they have if Rinne can never make it back. While both have had rough patches MAz appears to be able to do a better job. Is it NHL starter good not close yet. Sub 500 hockey gets a back-up replaced. Sub 500 for a starter usually ends up in the coach being replaced then the goalie.

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