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12-29-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamikazepants View Post
Like i've said earlier, I feel like there's too much we don't see and hear to judge leadership abilities, feels like a pick and choose thing. And frankly, I'm not seeing a team that's constantly loafing around and not trying, something I would guess any kind of group with weak leadership displays. We must be seeing different things. The effort is there, but how often can we say the Predators are icing the most talented team on the ice each night? Effort only takes a team so far.

I would say consistent, excellent play is leading by example. That's what I've been seeing. Watching the little things he does, Consistently ranked up at the top in terms of hits and blocked shots. But again, I guess we disagree on what we've seen
Effort took much less individually talented Preds teams to the postseason year after year with guys like Fiddler, Ward, and Smithson.

This is a team with the worst win % when trailing first this season ... something it historically could overcome. This was a team that could come back in the 3rd when trailing after two ... something it's done once since the lockout (last season) after tied for 3rd in 2011-12.

I wish I could see anything that indicated effort, heart, resilience ... but it's not there most nights. It explains why the team can't come back and win ... can't perform at even strength ... is in the midst of a several season decline of 5on5 defensive efficiency ... and on and on.

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