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Originally Posted by Kamikazepants View Post
Much less talented? Again, I would not agree with that at all. The best forwards on this team are 2nd/3rd line tweeners at best. Honestly, that's being generous. There's potential scattered around, but nothing past the level previously mentioned. Were the forwards on past teams really that much worse than that?

I'm fairly certain there is one glaring difference between this years team, and past teams that just about any fan of hockey, Predators fan or not would see lacking: consistent goal tending. When your team has never been known as a particularly effective goal scoring team (more recently especially), and then the team goals allowed stat joins that, the results are going to be ugly.

I simply do not believe those things have much of anything to do with any form of leadership
sorry, have watched the Preds in Nashville since the beginning, and they have no consistent heart or passion this year, just like last year. Even in the beginning of the franchise we outworked teams and had heart. We see that lack on the ice almost every home game. The disinterest is obvious .........

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