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01-27-2004, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Corey
Such a trade is implausible because Boston would never consider it, and I'd agree with them. I'm simply pointing out that the Bruins have a young francophone center who will have a better career than Ribeiro. As for it being a horrid thread, think back to the many, many never-never trade proposals that have appeared on HFBoards. Do you like them better?
true on your second point, i didnt mean anything by it and i respect everyone in here except for the fool who got my hopes up about yannic leaving, that one hurt me deep.
as for bergeron having a better career then ribs, man its truely impossible to tell what will happen, bergeron's made alote of players very upset in this league and anything could happen he could just level, my point he's hot asset now but anything could happen to him and/or his develpment,
and in the other end of the straw ribs may end up getting better and better, a couple of changes in anything can cause a world of diference to there career.

my point its impossible to tell if bergeron WILL have a better career, you never know what could happen in the future, theres always a bright surprise every year, and always a dark one as well.

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