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12-30-2013, 09:18 AM
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and it may be 30 days or until your hearing. that's the way our league does it. some guys get lucky and if the board is meeting right away they might not miss many games. some guys get unlucky and sit for 3 weeks if we've just had a meeting.
here's my advice as someone who sits on a league board: try to get your hearing scheduled asap. before you go get as many eyewitness reports as you can. if the game had a scorekeeper get in touch with him/her. this person is going to be your most unbiased (usually) witness.
when you go for your hearing don't call the ref a liar. simply say that the ref is mistaken. maybe some of your teammates did get their hands up and the ref simply got the wrong jersey numbers. be professional and courteous when you talk to the hearing officer. guys who come in ranting and raving and blaming other people typically don't get anywhere in these situations.

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