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12-30-2013, 09:33 AM
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Help with finding a trusted plumber in de/pa


This is really the only message board i go to and Im like desperately looking for some help. A sewage pipe broke in my basement yesterday and i called a plumber, they wont come out to even look without getting the area professionally cleaned.

I had the cleaner come out and look and he was super shady...he quoted me "2 or 3" to which I then asked if he meant hours to clean it...he said two or three thousand to clean it. The effected area is like 10x10. I explained I didn't anticipate that and he said that it would likely be covered by insurance...he then changed the price four times to try and get me from telling him to take a hike he eventually got down to 1200.

In the interim we cant run water in the house. I've called two other plumbers who say they wouldn't be able to come out until thursday or friday. The Home Owners Insurance adjuster hasnt called us back in the last couple days

Does anyone have a recommendation on a trustworthy plumber that offers emergency service and wouldn't try and charge me a ridiculous mark up because im trying to get it covered by home owners insurance? If H.O.I. company doesn't cover it theres no way i could afford to pay 3k to get it fixed at the moment.

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