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Originally Posted by Rootin'Tyutin View Post
I'm sure Devils fans are excited about winning, which fan wouldn't be, but it's this sort of boring play that's helping the league fold IMO.
But EVERY league has teams that play a defense/less entertaining style of game, many of which also have success. Yet the Devils seem to be the only one of these teams capable of bringing down their entire league.

Somehow, the NFL still manages to be successful in spite of teams like Baltimore and Chicago, that rely on defense to win games. You don't hear fans complaining about how boring those teams are or what they're doing to the sport. What about a baseball team that relies on a strong pitching staff and defense/small ball to win games (I guess the White Sox or Twins might be close...but I don't follow that league as much) - where are the complaints that they're destroying baseball?

Personally, I'd love to see the Devils open their game up more and take more chances on offense. But obviously, their management feels the current style of play gives them the best chance to win. I'm glad that teams like Buffalo and Carolina were so successful with a high powered offense game and I hope more teams mimic that. But that style is not what works best for the Devils.

No matter what types of rule changes the league continues to make to improve the offensive output of games, you're always going to have teams on both sides of the spectrum between being defensive-minded and offensive-minded. I don't know why people just can't accept the Devils as perhaps the most defensive oriented team in the league and just deal with it, instead of complaining about how they're ruining the league. Don't blame the Devils for doing something within the rules to win, blame the league for allowing this style of play to exist.

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