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01-17-2007, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
Every team that plays the Devils has posts in their GDT that the Devils are boring. And you log into EVERY GDT for EVERY TEAM and defend the Devils and their style.

So fans of other teams think the Devils are what? Why does that bother you? Why the need to defend them and their style? More often than not your team gets the two points, but the game never ends for you because you feel the need defend your team over and over and over again, on the message board of every team the Devils play.

Your team won, congratulations, nobody is challenging that. But I was bored watching the game, as apparently were many people who watched the game, and nothing you can say will change that. It was boring. The Devils are so good at their style of play, they make the Rangers and every team they play boring as well.

And reading GDT's from other teams, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment around the league. The Devils win and games involving the Devils are boring. If what you care about is the former, why waste brain cells on the latter? What do you care what Ranger fans (and fans of the other 28 teams) think of the Devils style of play?

Just about the only thing Ranger and Islander fans can agree on is that games involving their team and the Devils are boring. You never hear a bunch of people accusing Ranger/Islander games of being boring. That doesn't make the Devils any worse than the Rangers and Islanders, in fact it probably makes them better. Neither team has perfected a defensive system like the Devils have, and thus there is end-to-end action, defensive breakdowns and a lot of scoring chances.

Very good chance neither the Rangers or Islanders will win the Cup this year, but you can never accuse their games of being boring. Personally I don't think the Devils will win it either, system or no system, the Sabres seem just too good, but you never know. At this time last year who thought Carolina would win it?

Please enjoy the two points every night, your team earned them, but you're wasting your time if you're coming here to tell us the Devils aren't boring. A lot of people disagree. If your point is that winning hockey is exciting to you, regardless how the game was played on the ice, I understand. But as you can tell, fans from just about every team around the league wish the Devils would find a more exciting way to beat their team. Everyone can't be wrong.

Personally I wish the league would do more to change the flow of the game so teams like the Devils can't slow the game to a crawl, but the only real answer is playing 4 v 4 all the time, so the Devils can't clog up the neutral zone. I don't think that'll happen.
Yes. we really are one hell of a boring team. I mean why else would every fan tell us that after they lose to us? I'm sure If you won it would be a little less boring.

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