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01-27-2004, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Dartmouth 02
first, let me say that i despise the rangers, and as a lifelong NYI fan have built up quite a bit of animosity for many of their fans. however, there is no question that there isnt a more knowladgeable, passionate, classy group of fans in America. when you go to a ranger game, it isnt just mindless booing or belligerence; but rather palpable unhappiness over the state of a team that is remarkably important in this city which is nothing CLOSE to a "hockey town". id hazard a guess that most NYR fans will admit theyre a fickle bunch, but for the past 6 years or so theyve HAD NO CHOICE. it is a bad predicament when you cant really rally around your own team. most ranger fans dont love this group of guys- they wont feel the passion for wins that they would with a team that they were proud to call their own. when the isles were an abomination (save the jokes about my use of past tense ) it was truly awful, but we were lovable losers. going to a 2/3 empty coliseum for 12 bucks and sitting in the good seats; watching the likes of dave archibald and mark lawrence and barry richter; it was funny long after it was depressing. the rangers situation is far worse from a fan perspective because there is nothing loveable or humorous about this team. its a group which is a league-wide joke and it shames a proud franchise. there really is no best-case-scenario for fans because no matter what measure of success this team achieves, not many will really feel much pride in it. but its very hard for most hardcore fans to root for failure so that, for example, sather can be fired. it sounds great in principle, but its damn hard to do when youre at a game, etc. youre torn between being a die-hard, shill out the $$, rain or shine supporter or just stepping back the level of passion and then feeling bad about it.

sorry for the long winded post, i just really cant find fault with most hate-filled, jaded ranger fans at this moment. all i know is itll be sweet as hell when you get out of it and if the day ever comes when both of the NY teams can be classy AND competitve, the rivalry will really be back where it belongs.

Perfect Mr.Dartmouth...a very well thought out poste my friend.....What you have conveyed here is pretty much exactly what is going on in all Ranger fans minds at the current moment whether it be the fan who likes to think "positivly" or "negativly"......bravo once again.

Ya know what I kind of find funny, alot of my Ranger brethern think that because some of us still remain loyal even with all the dissapointments of the past 6 years, we are "blind" and they somewhat put us down. Its a shame that this occurs but its the truth. What's ironic is that being "blind" is the absolute furthest thing from the truth. I, for example, see everything everyone else is seeing with our hockey club, just as much as the next guy. Like I've said, I've been a Ranger diehard for the past 34 years, since the days of Dave Balone,Bruce McGreggor,Gilles Villemure,Jerry Butler,Rod Seiling,Dale Rolfe....etc, and I've seen it all and yet I CHOOSE not to whine and complain ALL THE TIME unlike others. In a bizarre way, a Ranger fan who chooses NOT to whine and complain and chooses NOT to be negative at all times, is almost made to feel guilty about that and that really vexes me.

But don't mistake not whining and complaining all the time and NOT jumping off the bandwagon anytime the Rangers lose a hockey game or choosing not to be negative at every opportune moment, as being a "blind loyalist". It simply means, that we know that things will be getting simply has too. We'v had a ton of misfortune the past few years, no question about it. Our luck, in particularly with regards to injuries(how good would PBure look on this club right which even the most negative of a Ranger fan would have to admit, has been terrible the past few years, and so rather than waste all this energy being negative, it take a heck of alot of less energy to remain positive and hope things will change. Yeah Sather hasn't delivered what he promised......its not like he's not trying....right?. Who exactly, just curious, is out there that is available, who would be better than what we've got....huh?

Everyone knows, our hockey club doesn't operate like the rest of the teams in the NHL....We are in the mecca of the world, we can't simply "start from scratch" and build from within like the Devils of the simply can't be done. Not with the pressures that are unique to the Rangers compared to everyone else. Even the year we won the Cup, we won it the same way, we've been trying to do it, in order to get into the playoffs(buying aging superstars, spending lots of money...etc).

We caught lightning in the bottle that year and everything came together. It helped that we had the greatest goalie in the world at that time in Richter but we built our Stanley Cup winner the same exact way back than as Sather and Dolan are right now.......its just not working out and hasn't the past 6 years.....

So don't think for one moment I'm a "blind loyalist" cause I choose to remain positive.......I see what the problems are just as clear as day and just as much as my Ranger brothers who choose to complain about it.....And like Dartmouth our Islander goomba stated, yeah its hard to be proud of our hockey team the way things have gone, but things will eventually change for the better as our "luck" and "decision making" can't get any worse and I predict the good times are right around the the rest of this season when we make the playoffs and scare the crap out of any of those top seeds who get the misfortune of facing'll see.


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