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12-30-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
I think sunk costs are an important principle, but more for decision makers than for fans discussing on a message board. I'd suggest that the Rangers have a good grasp on the concept (trading Sanguinetti for two lower picks is a good example). Yankees GM Brian Cashman apparently has no grasp of the concept, as he wouldn't give Kei Igawa to San Diego unless they ate some of the Yankees' posting fee...

But if we're only allowed to discuss things that make a difference, this will be a very quiet place.
What's the point of constantly *****ing about something you can't change? Why not accept that he may not be worth a top 10 pick and hope that he becomes a good NHLer? Otherwise every thread about him gets polluted with repetitive whining about Fowler and Tarasenko (not that I haven't done that myself at some point).

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