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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I want to get rid of Nylander, and Straka and Jagr and Shanny. I want a true rebuild. Is that wrong?
If you can consider your team being the worst in the entire league for 4 years to come, alright. Without the first line, Rangers is the absolute worst in the league, for sure. We're talking about the true bum team here. I wonder if Lundqvist has the patience to continue playing for a team like that as well. Sucking sucks.

I don't see how keeping veterans on the team as long as they're competitive and worth their money is a bad thing. What's the bitterness about keeping the guys who do their job instead of dumping the veterans who don't?

How the frigging heck can competitive veterans be a problem? I thought it was the conservative coaching who refuses to let the younger players actually play on the same level as the others was a problem and not penalizing the veterans who actually suck in the degree that's required.

I actually thought we could agree the Rangers 1st line was the best and most productive money-wise in the entire league, by far. How people want to deconstruct that and turn it into a bad thing is beyond me. You want to put Immonen up there or what at center? But yeah, let's put Straka up there at 1st C and look at his creative work get destroyed by $3.3 million a year. Let's make it a Ranger tradition to misuse a player at what they're actually good at.

I'm actually drunk and truly baffled here. No offense here, of course I'm the offensive guy, but I thought I was the one who was drunk.

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