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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Unfortunately, BRB has a big point that it's really bad that Zuccarello is our best player.

I definitely enjoy seeing him flourish, and he's a very exciting player to watch, but jesus christ is this team underperforming badly.

It's a vicious, never ending cycle. We always have a few surprises every year, but those surprises wind up carrying the team instead of complimenting good players. And every year those good players fall off a ****ing cliff, and it's let go because other players have stepped up in their absence.

I'm really tired of it.
Then he should take it to a different thread. Are we not allowed to praise Zuccarello in his own thread? This is borderline trolling. I actually HATE how militant the mods are about threads going slightly off topic, but an appreciation thread about Zucc becoming a "***** about the team thread" is more than slightly off topic. His act is just getting tired. It's all the same thing in every post. I do that with Lundqvist sometimes, but at least I only keep it to GDTs. He *****es about everyone and strikes anyone that says a nice thing about a player down, insulting them because he has a holier than thou attitude about him being a superior fan to everyone else because of his "objectivity". When all it is is pessimism. If his opinion were correct we'd be worse than Buffalo this year.

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