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01-17-2007, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Fair enough, I understand your point, but you won't get a "gazillion" of dollars in cap space from dropping Nylander, Shanny and Jagr. It's about $10 million, probably more after a resigning.

Jagr is still 7th in the league in scoring, even when his shoulder has hurt him and he doesn't feel 100%. Shanny still does contribute tons to this team apart of his scoring. Both cost about $4 million. I don't know of many players who will contribute more than those two for their prize (although Jagr comes at a discount). Nylander is one of the most prizeworthy players in the entire league with his $2.2 million in cap spaze, granted his salary will of course rise when he signs a new contract (hence the underpaid statement). I don't think he will claim more than about $3 million though.

Alright, you have a view on how to improve this team (in the future), I have a different view. I think Rangers should release money they have bound up on mediocre defensemen with overpaid salaries instead, if possible.
Yeah man I agree you on most points here. I should have made it clear that along with jettisoning the aforementioned forwards, that we'd all but clean house on defense as well. I'm talking everyone but Tyutin and Pock .


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