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12-31-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
I don't know guys, maybe someone can sell me on their grading system... but to me, it just sounds like some guys at a site trying to put a number on something, that you really can't easily put a number too.... But if you add enough numbers together, divide by 12, you magically have their grade number.

Case in point being how Cutler was graded higher than Forte. Anyone who watched that game knows Forte was the one who got that offense rolling in the second half, and is what opened up things for Cutler to then take more chances and be successful in doing so.
how on Earth Forte wasn't the highest is beyond me.

if fantasy was still going (I had 1 league where it was) Forte got 33 points in standard leagues!! hahaha that is crazy. Forte was a beast and had a monster game.

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