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12-31-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
the people that have to go between 30-40 on a 60km/hr road when conditions are good for this time of year should just get a bus pass.

there is a difference in driving safe for conditions and not having the skills to actually be on the road in the wintertime. going slow doesn't cover for poor driving.
Yah .. I dont know how you can drive 30Km below limit on city roads. I am a highway driver (Leduc-Edm daily commute) and considering the number of cars you see in the ditch slowing down seems like a good option...
I guess I should just pony up and buy winter tires :p

I used to have a lot of trouble on city roads when I had a RWD.. maybe its those ppl you are seeing struggle on roads...

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