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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
I usually stay at the lower price points. Grandstand $25 tickets were routinely going for $100+ against the Red Sox, Mets, Old Timers. Figure that's about 16 games right there times 4 seats which I had full season (2 were actually at $20 face) that's $4800 net on those games alone because at the time Craigslist was still effective and I was paying no fees. Then you had the stadium openers that were $300+ to get in the door. I sold early and I can't recall which if any games I took a loss on, and Saturday games were always double baggers. So as you can see it really starts to add up.

These days you have to pay stubhub a 25% fee off the listing and the mass market doesn't really care about baseball anymore
I was able to get Yanks-Red Sox for less than face value that first year. Granted, my brother in law bought the day before. Besides, that is 16 out of 81 games. My brother in law usually went to 2-3 games every homestand and for most paid about $5. But, I guess if you sold early before the prices really collapsed, I guess it is possible. And yes, he always bought grandstand.

As for the market, 81 games and maybe 10 sell out early. Plus, the face-value being just too high to begin with. What I am really wondering about is next year's Giants market. My brothers and I have 6 seats (2 each). One of my brothers only went to 1 game as he is in Quantico right now and in grad school. Other brother only went to 2. I went to 4. Even with taking a hit on the pre-season games, we still made some nice money. The brother in Quantico wound up going to his one game with his wife for free and still made a nice profit.

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