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01-18-2007, 07:34 AM
Anthony Mauro
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Originally Posted by Kostik View Post
I'm with you Chimp.
These are HFBoards, for most of the posters if you are 30+ you are done.
And every youngster even when he is crappy should play over better playing vet.
You want to play?You should earn it and outperform others.
NYR without first line would be tanking down deep in the standindgs.
If you wan't to trade this line for blue-chip prospects(and some of them will not pan out as good players anyway), you will suck for 4-5 years maybe.
Checkout Was or Pit, they have Crosby and Ovechkin but they are nowhere from competing team. They will maybe suck for few more years and then when Crosby and Oveckin are UFA's(25 resp 26 years old) they will leave...and what do you have then?Nothing.
NHL is EHM, i love this game, but it's good to live in reality.
It is good to live in reality but we suck now. Do not let a 3 game win streak wipe out the previous 5 game losing streak. And this is with our great *line* that should never be broken up. What that line does is detrimental to the whole team. We need Jagr's boys. This team will never be a team until Jagr is gone. Until we can ice a team without saying well we need to get him Rosie, Straks, Nyllet, Malik we will not be a competing team.

Give me Ranger hockey back. It does not mean getting grinders. What happened to talented players who gave a damn? Mess, Graves, Leetch, Richter etc. Shanny was a start that will be quick to end because his road is winding down.

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