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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Ok, I'm getting real scared now. What's the hatred about Nylander here? He's frigging 14th in the league in scoring with less games played and has been absolutely wonderful for the Rangers this year. He is a part of the best line in the entire league and people want to get rid of him? ***? Do you actually think some random bum will produce what Nylander has? Yeah, sure, let's place Betts, Ward, Hollweg, Hall or some frigging other grinder bum up there and watch the whole line detoriate. Do you think anyone can produce his world class puck control at his salary standard? What games have you been watching? And as a matter of fact, Nylander loves playing hockey. He's not some money leecher, you should have learnt that by now. Look at his frigging money/production. He produces like crazy.

If you claim Nylander is some overpaid loser, you can frankly all go to hell, according to my standards. If you think making the average age of this team turn into 22 will solve anything, you do not have my sympathies.

If you think Straka can replace Nylander at center for Jagr, you have exceeded my expectation of a knowledgable hockey fan (where have you been the last decade? Straka is a much worse center than winger!). They're completely different hockey players. Those who feel offended by this post, good, you deserve it.

If you want to discredit the work Nylander has done for this crappy team, don't look at me to raise my hand. It's as simple as I will put it.

As for the original statement of this post, great, Straka has resigned with Rangers, which is great. He's an undervalued, skilled hockey player with great work ethics. The thing that still upsets me though is how some people still think Nylander is part of the problem here. Jesus Christ.

And for the second part, what's the frigging deal with "don't sign Shanahan"? Yeah, right, let's not sign one of the best impact players this team has had for years to come. As long as he feels he has positive things to give this team, frigging sign him. I (hopefully) hope management won't listen to your bitter rants.

Let's keep the overpaid salaries for our crappy defense instead, yeah, let's not mention anything about that, right?

You made this honour thread about Straka turn into some pie throwing thread about Nylander and Shanahan, some of the few who has actually done what they were supposed to do and more. Shame on you. You frankly make me sick. Once again, if you feel hit, you deserve it, tenfold.
The majority of us like North American, north-south, passionate hockey. Nylander comes off selfish in the way he takes to getting hit, never giving a hit, or sacrificing himself in any position. He's soft. He does not hustle the majority of the time. Therefore, you have a situation where freakin Jed Ortmeyer is more highly regarded than Nylander. Honestly, all Nylander has going for him is elite hands and average skating that allows him to keep up with Jagr. Please do not talk about his shooting. Its like he gets something for racking up assists when he gives up scoring chances to be "unselfish" which is a total crock. If he gave a damn he'd rifle the puck so damn hard at the net for the times he's had the chances. But we're concerned about assists.

What makes you think Shanny wants to come back here? I do not doubt his loyalty and commitment to staying here because he started it. But if I were him, I'd say a big F you to them and find a team with better management and coaching.

And can you reason why Straka is so well liked around here, but not Nylander? We do not have to squint to see Straka hustle. The guy comes to play 9 games out of ten and for a veteran on a team where its so easy to just collect a paycheck, that is commendable. Hats off Marty!!!

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