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12-31-2013, 06:52 PM
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First off... I don't take winning a Cup, or even getting into the SCF on a consistent basis into consideration... One out of 30+ GMs win a Cup per season and only two manage teams into them... All things being equal, a GM from your team should win a Cup once every 30 years.

What I do take into consideration is a GM giving his Organization a chance... getting to the PostSeason on a consistent basis, with only an occasional miss once every so many years. Once in there, things can happen; not there, nothing can happen. Homer is okay there.

Player assessment is key and bringing in potentially good non-drafted FA and being able to lure in and sign top UFAs is crucial... Keying in on good players on other teams and devising ways of getting them or having a shot at them as in Offer Sheets also comes into play. Homer has had little problem there, and has overall done well.

Devising a plan of action and being able to work with it is key... FAs/Trades/Drafts mix vs. working within the System and relying on development and being able to retain them... Time will tell, but I have no strong argument with Homer in his... so far... It is the Flyers way of late and the Organization (Snider) preference.

Being able to work with the Organization upper management and surviving within their demands... I think this actually works against Homer's plan, but he is plodding through as best he can.

Intangibles... Having your key players lost to freak accidents or injuries... Other Organizations matching Offer Sheets... Bad stretches of injuries in one particular area... Cap reductions... Players not meeting the consensus level of their talents... UFAs leaving for the big bucks... Behind the scenes concerns that we may never learn about... Yada, yada, yada... This is almost impossible to really fully take into account, but how a GM deals with them I suppose can be... Homer is dealing with these as they pop up and is handcuffed at times with them.

Balance of Forwards vs. Defensemen vs. Goalies allocation of money and having insurance against injuries... Maybe Homers toughest category.

I agree that knee jerk reaction that we often see serves no good... All in all, I like what Homer has done with the initial retooling and then again with the major shift of what was once their core talent in another retooling. I feel the youth on this team has enough talent to eventually win a Cup... and with good luck and continuing good goaltending I can see it happening... I do see where some improvement is needed though. I'd stick with Homer until either these young players prove to not be the right mix, or he has multiple PO misses and his teams start to spin their wheels.

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