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Originally Posted by Il Ragazzone View Post
The majority of us like North American, north-south, passionate hockey. Nylander comes off selfish in the way he takes to getting hit, never giving a hit, or sacrificing himself in any position. He's soft. He does not hustle the majority of the time. Therefore, you have a situation where freakin Jed Ortmeyer is more highly regarded than Nylander. Honestly, all Nylander has going for him is elite hands and average skating that allows him to keep up with Jagr. Please do not talk about his shooting. Its like he gets something for racking up assists when he gives up scoring chances to be "unselfish" which is a total crock. If he gave a damn he'd rifle the puck so damn hard at the net for the times he's had the chances. But we're concerned about assists.

What makes you think Shanny wants to come back here? I do not doubt his loyalty and commitment to staying here because he started it. But if I were him, I'd say a big F you to them and find a team with better management and coaching.

And can you reason why Straka is so well liked around here, but not Nylander? We do not have to squint to see Straka hustle. The guy comes to play 9 games out of ten and for a veteran on a team where its so easy to just collect a paycheck, that is commendable. Hats off Marty!!!
Sure, Nylander is a one dimensional player, he's not a penalty killer. He doesn't hit, but you can't discredit him for not giving 100% out there. He doesn't shy away from getting hit, it's just that he's darn hard to hit when he's skating with the puck. Sure, he isn't a perfect player, he could shoot more, etc. The most important question is: Is Nylander worth his paycheck? Would he be worth his paycheck if it was $3 million? I say yes. What Nylander does he does darn good. He can single handedly hang on to the puck to give his teammates time to move up the entire team, he can shake off his defenseman and he gives good passes. Nylander is also one of the few who can bring the puck safely into the offensive zone without dumping it, which is valuable.

And let me ask something.. how many playmakers in this league do hit? It's not exactly the case that Nylander is unique for not hitting, is he? Marc Savard has 16 blocked shots and delivered 23 hits this season, Nylander has blocked 25 shots and bodychecked 7 times. Jason Spezza has blocked 5 shots and dished out 8 hits. If Nylander would be a more complete player, he would be more prone to injuries and franchise material, which would mean we wouldn't afford him anyway.

But is there a problem with defense within the first line? It's pretty impossible to be scored upon when you have parked in the offensive zone. And again, I cannot grasp how the best line in the entire league can be considered a problem around here. It's the rest of the team that's the problem: the second line effectiveness, the lack of center depth, the defense, the backchecking, the lack of discipline that creates huge giveaways at precisely the wrong spots, the coaching, you name it. This team just sucks at bringing the puck out of their own zone, clearing the crease and helping the goalie and as I said, constantly give the puck away where it shouldn't be lost.

The ideal place to lose the puck is behind the extended goal line in the offensive zone, giving enough time for the team to form effective defense, this team however thinks it's a good idea giving it away in the middle of the offensive zone, at the blueline and in the neutral zone, giving tons of oddman rushes.

Anyway... I don't think most fans will understand how much Nylander contributes to this team until he's gone.

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