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Originally Posted by StaalWars View Post
Every year I see some of my friends buying packages with the thought that they'll go to 1 or 2 games and sell the rest for a profit. Every year I laugh at them and end up buying their tickets day of for 50% off the price they paid.

You can do it if you've got a wide circle of people who want to go to games but there are far better ways to invest your money than trying to swing a profit off Rangers tickets.
It seems like there are a few STH,s that try to sell every game on here some listing games at $25 below face value. This year I am noticing it more than ever even the premium games. I dont know what their situation is but I hope they didnt get seasons anticipating selling most of their games and taking a loss. I see this especially with lower bowl seats. This doesnt make sense to me and I hope people didnt get seasons hoping to sell the games and making a profit, The way MSG has priced their tickets unless you get upper bowl seats you are going to get killed if you dont plan on going to at least 25-30 games.
The general rule on this board has always been to sell games at face value but I see more and more STHs dumping almost every game for less than face some substantially less than face($25 less per ticket).
I just dont see the point in having seasons if you dont plan on making most games.

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