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Originally Posted by ceciltaylor View Post
- I want to go for either Panini or Topps on this, but I'm still deciding between a "Score" box and "O-pee-chee". I like the design of the Panini cards, is that a good enough reason?
- Is it recommended I stay with one brand after buying one box?
- Can I move on to boxes from other seasons if I don't even have one 'completed' yet?
- Do cards still have "value" if the players are traded (i.e. not playing for the team as pictured anymore)
- I'm looking at some YouTube vids in where people break open boxes of Score cards and they don't even look at the base cards. Do people not care for these?
- Which ones exactly are interchangeable? And how do I find out?
- Does above question mean that collections by one brand, from let's say 'Low' and 'Mid' range are not 'standalone'?
No worries, I'll try to cover your questions the best I can

Collecting is very dependent on what you personally want out of the hobby. There is a wide range of personal interests; some people like to collect huge base sets like opeechee/score, some collect insert subsets, some collect only rookie cards, some people like to collect autos and memorabilia cards, some collect whatever look nice to them, some only collect goalies/teams/players etc...

If your not looking to re-sell your cards on the secondary market(like ebay) then looks are as good a choice as any when deciding what to buy.

There is no need to stay with one brand or season when you are collecting, that's a very uncommon practice I would say. The vast majority of people mix and match getting whatever they like. In terms of interchangeability, every brand is a standalone product. Rarely you will have a subset of cards that span multiple products (Panini Private Signings for example) but these shouldn't be a concern when deciding what to buy, it's just a silly little gimmick.

In terms of value, base cards are worthless. High end product base cards might sell for a few bucks each just because they are low production and serially numbered. Value is essentially determined by the secondary market, what other people want to pay for your cards. I've seen times where people open a $300 dollar box product and end up with maybe $50 dollars worth of re-sale product. Collectors are typically looking for specific Auotgraphs, low print run, memorabilia, or rookie cards. Value is highly variable and depends greatly on what the product is, who the player is, what the type of card is and recent trends. Players may or may not have the same value after being traded(could either have more or less).

Just a quick demonstration, lets take a look at a cross section of Galchenyuk rookie cards

High end rookie card




Or you could end up pulling a different Dominion rookie card and see it go for a lot less

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