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01-27-2004, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy Caballero
I didn't really think it was intentional, but it did look bad and it was extremely careless, at best. There are a couple of ways to look at the two-game suspension:

1) The league is setting a precedent, in which case we can see future high-sticking infractions dealt with in the same way. This is good, IMO.

2) The league is offering up Dags as a sacrifice to appease the Leafs so they don't go crying to the press again. In light of the Roenick incident, and knowing how much of a suck Quinn is, they went into damage-control mode for this one case but have no plans of following up on their harsh ruling in future cases. This would be unfair.

Regardless of the reasons for why it happened, this entire incident means little to me. From our perspective, I don't really care if Dagenais is out two games. Those two games should be easy enough to win without him in the line up.

From the perspective of the player who got hurt, I have no sympthy for him whatsoever. I don't think that guy should be in the league, period, after the stuff he's pulled over the years. If Dags had taken his eye clean out of his socket I would have laughed myself silly, and there are no other players in the league who I could say the same thing about. Marchment is the only player in the league on whom I wish a career-ending injury, and with good reason, I think. He is a bad hockey player and a bad person who doesn't deserve to play in the NHL.
You are right March is a dirty player (dunno if I can call him player) and he doesn't deserve a spot in NHL...however career-ending injury is too harsh

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