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01-01-2014, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
I am really baffled at the Weber bashing on here- does everyone on here hate the guy?? Does everyone think he has been lackluster??

I understand the hurt feelings over the Philly thing, and even I am not sure if in his heart of hearts he really wants to be here.

But I guess I am in the minority on here but I think he has been pretty darn good this year- and almost every commentator, analyst and writer I have read has said he is playing some of his best hockey in awhile this year. Plus/Minus does not tell the whole story and is a very overrated stat.

Think our D is shaky this year? Take Weber off the ice and see how bad it would be............

Am I alone in this thinking??
Not alone. People hear or write something and it snowballs on here into falsities about a player. For years people thought Suter was a bust. Wrong. People used Klein as a whipping boy wrong. It's the nature of the beast around here and while people can use stats to prove their "point", reality and what you see the player do on the ice can be two different things. Weber is the least of our problems.

If we see the Wilson of last night and the Smith of the lafs week and if Fisher plays like he has the last two then maybe we start turning this boat around.

Plus minus is a tricky stat since 5 guys are responsible for the outcome. It's a starting point for where a guy is but also doesn't tell the whole story.

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