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Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
Points win hockey games. They're kind of important.
No, they don't. Scoring more goals than the other team wins hockey games. Whether it's 1-0 or 5-4, the object of the game is to have more goals than the opponent. Ottawa is No. 8 in the league with 118 goals, but they've allowed 135 and they're out of the playoffs. I'm sure they have a bunch of guys producing at a nice pace, but that and $4.50 will get them a Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
Columbus has Calvert producing at a 38 point pace; Anisimov at a 40 point pace; Letestu at a 30 point pace and Mackenzie at a 29 point pace. Source for ice time.

... (snipped a bunch of similarly irrelevant information)
I don't know why you don't get this, and I'm going to stop trying after this post. You simply cannot judge a third or fourth line player by how many points he scores. Letestu, mentioned above, is a minus-5. SO WHAT if he's scoring at a better pace than Riley Nash *if the other guys score more goals when he's on the ice than Columbus does*? Seriously, what is so complicated about this? A third or fourth line that scores more, but allows even more, is NOT better than what we have.

Irrelevant note: Letestu has all of ONE goal this season and probably a whole bunch of his 14 assists are secondary assists, but I'm sure that makes him a lot better than our guys anyhow, minus-5 or not.

Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
Right now, we have 5 forwards I'm comfortable with playing in the top 6 (Staal, Staal, Semin, Skinner, Gerbe) and 3 defenders I'm comfortable playing in the top 4 (Faulk, Sekera, Hainsey). We have two that are on the cusp of being added to that group (Tlusty and Bellemore).
I'm glad you feel comfortable penciling in those names, but hockey games aren't played on paper. Yes, a top six that includes the Staals, Semin, Skinner, Gerbe and Tlusty *looks* fine, but they are not playing well and they are allowing *a lot* more goals than they are scoring.

IMO, we will get *much* better when the guys you feel so comfortable with start playing better, than we will by getting a few more points out of our depth guys. I mean seriously, we're not a third-line center away from fixing this mess. We're a third-line center *plus* our best guys getting their heads out of their collective a$$e$ and working harder away from fixing this mess.

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