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01-27-2004, 05:33 PM
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Who would do better?

who really knows. One didn't think Sather was going to come in and buy up as much as possible, given where he came from.

As for what Sather's done wrong...three years of no playoffs despite trying hard to make the playoffs. Many of his moves suggest that...such as trade deadline-ish moves for Bure, Kovalev, Rucinsky. His goal has been the playoffs, and he has failed.

The prospect cupboard doesn't appear to be much better now than 3+ seasons ago either.

And Fish said it best..Sather's in charge of a lot, and that includes the hiring and firing of coaches. I'm still scratching my head over the Ron Low decision, which at the time I thought to be a bit baffling.

And let me address this quote by you: 'Bottom line: Sather has done everything he could do as a GM to try and get us to be winners, for whatever reason, injuries mostly(PBure,Devries,Kasper now), poor and underachieving play on others(Kovalev,ACarter), it hasn't happened.'

First, injuries are a part of the game, and are just an excuse. You build a team, and an organization, and if one guy goes down, or even a couple, you team shouldn't suffer as much as the Rangers do.

And why exactly do players underachieve when they come to New York? Is it the water, or is it the situation they're put in? Sather signs Holik, successul against top lines, to not go against top lines regularly. Sather acquires Kovalev, the leading ice-time getter in the NHL when acquired who's a right wing and plays the PP point, and has him on a left wing and flips from point to forward on the PP and plays him 18-20 minutes. He signs Kaspar, a feared defenseman who packs a whallop - and was second in hits the year prior to being signed - all the sudden doesn't hit anymore - has to play back in fear of taking a penalty...etc., etc., etc...

And while this team's giving up goals that put them near the bottom of the league, and has one of the worst penalty kills in the league, he acquires Jagr. Why? Because he's available, and not necessarily needed. Doesn't sound as if the GM has a gameplan, both on gameday and for the organization.

Can't figure Sather out. Stopped trying too.

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