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01-27-2004, 05:34 PM
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Sather's reasons for being a bad gm are obvious, take a look at this organization. He built it, he can't use smith as an excuse and frankly this teams prospect cupboard hasn't really wowed me either.

As for who would replace him and be better, that really depends and it's an impossible statement to make without thorough interviews. It's like having a bad employee. You can tell it obviously isnt working out, but you can't just say "I want a marketing guy with an emphasis in finance to take his place."

The first thing that is going to be hard when sather is finally gone, will be the cleanup. If Smith left the team shakey, Sather has left it in shambles with ZERO hope for the future, heck I don't even think we have that great of a present for that matter.

This team has never really climbed out of the hole it was in when smith was fired, and so even if they "break the streak" and make the playoffs they are exactly where they started and another "regrouping" period is going to be needed. So when all is said and done you're faced with the possibility of one playoff appearance in 10 or 11 seasons.

As for who I would hire, I can only give characteristics not a name.

He'd have to be willing to take the time to build a team, no quick fixes, no video game type rosters.

He'd have to have a formula for drafting and developing. That includes NOT throwing picks around like water.

He has to be in touch with today's game, no matter how depressing or unentertaining it is.

And accountability has to be in the organization. from the execs to the stickboy's, everyone has to take pride in this team and what they represent. That means you need to build a team, not buy one.

The rangers problems are not unfixable, but people can't have so much pride that they refuse to look in the mirror. There is politics in everything, but you can't spend so much time positioning yourself that you miss the campaign. Sather has spent more time making excuses and buying himself time than he has solving problems and THAT in itself is a problem.

Loyalty is great but ANYTHING is going to go stale overtime. A business, an approach, you name it. If you don't adapt, you don't make it. Honestly Sather has not adapted well for 15 years now.

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