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01-01-2014, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post

I don't know the context, but in any case it should not have come up. Can't imagine why it would. It's the kids 1st NHL game. There should be nothing even remotely negative about it.
Yeah, Joe tried to make it sound like a positive. However it ran the risk of sounding bad to some people. I don't think finding it odd to say the least that someone would miss their son's first NHL game for a Bears game is overly judgmental. I'm sure a number of eyebrows were raised. Even if it were true there's no reason to bring up something that might show Conor Allen's parents in a bad light. Not only is it unprofessional it's bad form, IMO. If I had the opportunity to do that with say a friend and his/her parents in real life, I probably wouldn't. Just a bad job for various reasons.

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