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Originally Posted by SERE 24 View Post
What did Nash do for us last year? Did he do something different than Gaborik in years past, which people are happy to discount. Put up gaudy regular season numbers and play soft, invisible hockey when he was needed?

I actually agree with Edge's post with one caveat. It's not just an easier medicine to swallow when the team's efforts amount to mediocrity and a mid-round playoff exit but the compete level and hardwork is present. When we were the most blue collar, stingy team in the league and willed/lucked our way to game 6 of the ECF we were a team worth investing in. Whether we had the talent to genuinely compete (I think we'd have been bulldozed by the Kings) or not we had an identity and a team we knew would show up, play a certain way and on any given night, if Hank was in the zone and just one guy stepped up and gave us that extra goal of support we could at least hang with any team and make them bite their nails going into the third. That's an exciting role to play. The wild card. The spoiler. The team that works so hard they just might upset anybody they face. As a fan the only thing more you can ask for, beyond being entertained and believing you have a chance in every match is actually winning it all.

I agree that we're long overdue a proper rebuild and that if we want to genuinely be up there with the big dog, annual contenders than that's the only way we're going to obtain the top end talent to do so. But in an organization that has made it clear they'd rather be a poor playoff team every year than build a genuine contender, I would much rather have built on that blue collar identity and cultivated that mentality so that I could at least have pride in the team on the ice than bring back the heartless, mercenary mentality that guys like Nash come with. Yes, it's easier medicine to swallow, but even if it doesn't genuinely cure the mediocrity that has plagued this franchise, it does halve some other pleasant axis effects that this roster can't provide.
I know I've said this in the past, and it's not a popular stance, but I can't help but feel that team in ECF was almost unreal - they never looked dominant, and at times looked like they were barely a playoff team. The hard part was figuring out how to invest in that team, without giving up significant portions of its nucleus.

The other reality is that for as good as our scouting has been, we've missed out on some intriguing young offensive talent the past 5 or 6 years - Saad, Eberle, Tarasenko, etc. Now don't get me wrong, other teams missed those guys too -- but for an offensively starved team, finding those guys is a must.

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