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01-01-2014, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Beatnik View Post
When Therrien came in, he benched him. Eller came back as a much more combative and intense player. I think Therrien deserve some credit.

He is great at doing the dirty work. Maybe he could get more points elsewhere but I think he plays great.

Glachenyuk have all the tools to play on the wings. He have an amazing shot but refuses to use it. He will see the ice more with time.

Powerplay minutes, for both Eller and Galchenyuk, would help them accumulate points but it would not make them better or significantly change their progression.

When they play the way Therrien ask them to, they get more icetime. It happened often this season.

People here wants to kids to have a preferential treatment to help them devellop. Teams, everywhere, wants the kids the win their job. I read a lot of HF and football's future; the only fan bases that do not complain about youth not playing enough are terrible teams like Edmonton (which is the organisation that emule the most what HF fans are pushing for) seriously need to take the blinders off, amigo; Therrien is stifling our youth, plain & simple...Bergevin, in every damn interview he does, goes on & on about building through the draft & nurturing the youth so we can be successful not just now, but in the Therrien continuously cockblocks them by either not playing them or putting them out only in situations where it doesn't help them grow AT ALL...we are a young skilled team that never puts their young skill in a position to succeed...that's our wise ol' coach, right there...road to Nowhere...

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