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Hey bud,
If you don't feel like you're digging into the ice enough (getting enough bite) that means you need to REDUCE the hollow... meaning down to a 1/2" or 7/16"... not UP... Also typically there are factors that go into what hollow you should have... it's a guideline and sometimes players play with different settings to fit their style... But usually it goes by body weight... the heavier you are the shallower the hollow you want because your body weight is making you sink into the ice more meaning you don't need as much bite (your body weight is giving you the bite)... Since you said you're about 160 you probably need to be around a 1/2"... that's a pretty standard sharpen too that MOST hockey players use... But to elaborate I weigh 220 and skate on a 3/4" (MUCH MUCH SHALLOWER) because I weigh enough that my weight allows me to dig into the ice without needing as much help from the blade... also using a blade that is to deep (sharp) will cause me to be much slower because it is making me dig TO FAR into the ice... I'd start with a 1/2" then go from there... but at 160lbs I don't think you should be on a 9/16"... That's probably a little to shallow and probably why you feel like you're not biting into the ice enough... but disclaimer... it's ALL PERSONAL PREFERANCE... some players (usually more advanced) use different settings... for example Tyler Ennis for the Sabres is only like 170lbs and skates on a 3/4" hollow... which is EXTREMELY shallow... I'm 220 and would likely struggle on a 3/4".. but he's advanced so it works... just try out a 1/2"

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