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Originally Posted by doublejack View Post
100% correct.

Fischer's best year with the Wings was 2001-02. He was paired with Chelios that season and the two were a dominant force. It looked like Fisch had the potential to be the next Pronger, no exaggeration.

The following year Fischer suffered the knee injury and that was a major setback. How far did Fisch fall? People may forget, but Jiri was a healthy scratch for game 6 against the Flames in the 04 playoffs. That was a microcosm of the entire 03-04 season, where a lack of confidence and play that can only be described as timid and tentative was all too common from Fischer.

Now, it looked like Fischer had taken some steps forward during the lockout, as his play in 05 was improved. But I still don't think it was on par with what we saw from him in 01-02, and he clearly had not reached his potential.
I think Fischer could have definetly been an elite defensive dman in the league eventually. A poor man's pronger was a bit high probably. But I could have seen him turn into an Adam Foote type player. Big dman usually take longer to develop, and his offensive game was never really given the chance. I mean you look at a guy like Pronger and you see 50 or so points. What a lot of people fail to remember is that almost half of those points are scored on the PP. Without Prongers massive PP time he is a 20-30 point dman. Fischer was never given a chance on the PP. Not because he was terrible or couldn't play there but because the Wings had a bunch of elite PP guys. I mean there was Lids, Murphy, Yzerman, Feds, Schneider, etc. Not to mention Fischer was young and thus wasn't likely to get the bonus time even if he was better. Facts are that Fischer had a cannon of a shot, prob the best on the team besides maybe Feds. He definetly needed to work on getting it off faster, but he could have probably developed it given the chance. In contrast Pronger was given lots of time to develop his offensive game, because he played on So-so teams. No Fischer probably would have never won a Norris but he would have been a helluva top 4 dman. I have no doubt of it in my mind. He might have even been a Norris type guy had he been given the playing time or a guy like Phaneuf or Pitkanen in his early years. That isn't what happened though and it doesn't really matter anymore either.

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