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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
This- exactly........

As a team, 5 on 5 we are minus 24- I guess all the Weber haters think that is all his fault. Of course his numbers are not going to be great as far as plus/minus and goals allowed, etc.......

What do you think our 5 on 5 team numbers would be without Weber? A heck of a lot worse than -24, I can guarantee you that.

If all our fans felt about Weber the way some on this board do, I wouldn't blame him for wanting out of Nashville- in any other true hockey market, Weber would be treated like a God- but not on this board.

All I am saying is that with all the problems we have right now, (and there are alot) there shouldn't be one second of talk about Weber being an issue. To quote Jay-Z- "We got 99 problems, but Shea Weber ain't one"......
kumbaya and bow down to Weber because he can do no wrong. You're in the wrong message board and the wrong town. We expect people to work and have heart, esp when they are paid the big bucks ...

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