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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
My question to you is this

Is Nylander worth his paycheck without Jagr?

If I'm signing a player, I want that players production to be generally the same wether he's playing with Jagr or not. I understand that there's going to be a serious spike in production, but Nylander without Jagr is a medicore 2nd line center and that's what he should be paid.

He's going to get first line money and that is going to be a big mistake because he's no where near a 1st line player without Jagr.

If he asks the Rangers for anything more than a 1 year deal I pass. If he's looking for numbers north of 3.5 million I pass.

Thanks, bot no thanks.

And to be honest, I do have a bias against the finnesse oriented players be they from Europe or the dipsy-doodlers from Canada. I want the North-South guys that like to play in front of the net and not around it. Those are the teams that win.
The answer is still: Yes, Nylander is worth his paycheck. Nylander and Straka would still produce good numbers, if for example Jagr was switched with Shanahan. Straka and Nylander are ideal support players for a team star and should be paid accordingly. Nylander is a splendid second line center, not mediocre. Cullen is a mediocre second line center and he is paid $3 million - and doesn't even receive half the crap Nylander gets (counting both fans and coaches). See the difference? In times like these with a lack of quality centers in the entire league, Nylander is worth even more. Nylander is paid to be a support player to a team star, not being the team star himself. And he is doing it splendidly. He is kind of a budget version of Marc Savard.

As for all this crap with North-South and East-West, they could be playing upside down for all I care as long as it works. You are critizising the best line in the league for not being good enough. That's deep water if you ask me. Every team fears the Rangers first line, while some of our fans think it sucks because they don't crash the net enough.

Look at the big picture here. I still ask the question: Why breaking down the only line in this team that actually works? As for Nylander being paid "1st line money", no, $3-3.5 million is not much for a 1st line center that does what he's paid for. And he will probably not ask for more than that.

You want a center that hits, scores, plays defense, fights, nurses sick school children and wears a hero cape? Fine, cough up the $6+ million in salary and be prepared to give up alot of player resources. As for me, I rather put those efforts into defensemen or second line playmaking center worth the money instead. This team is top heavy enough as it is.

I can't believe how immensely underrated Nylander is, even by some of this teams own fans. And I can't believe how people can complain on absolutely everything on this team. I guess we will see a "fire the janitor!" thread soon. And believe me, if Nylander shot the puck (even when he should) and doesn't score, people would whine on him because he took the shot instead of letting Jagr take it.

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