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01-01-2014, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Flyers fans regarding draft picks and prospects:

"The Flyers have no patience and that is why they suck so much and will never ever win a Stanley Cup."

Flyers fans regarding players in the NHL who struggle (regardless of age, position, etc):

"Trade this guy he sucks he is a bust no way he ever can turn it around signing him/trading for him/whatever was so stupid and I want to get rid of him now."

I have patience to develop young players who display speed, offensive skill and good hockey IQ.
I have patience to develop a young #1 defenseman as it is a key component of a sucessful nhl team.
I have patience to develop a young offensive minded PMD, which is also helpful in todays fast paced game.
This defense needs to get more offensively skilled with faster skaters.
Without overhauling this defense, this offense will be incapable of outscoring top teams in the NHL.

I have no patience to develop dime-a-dozen defensive defensemen or see #1 picks used on that type of defenseman.
I see no need to trade a young #1 round winger (organizational weakness) for another defensive defenseman (organizational strength).
It makes no logical sense to me, when good defensive defensemen are available as FA or for lower round picks.
I do not have patience to bring in alot of old slow defensemen and expect better results than in the past. Insanity!!!!

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