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01-01-2014, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Forget "Ole ole ole". Habs fans official chant should be: "It doesn't make sense!" We live in a constant state of bewilderment over how the Habs are playing, how players are used and how the coach is coaching.

But maybe some of it does make sense, but for reasons we're not privy to. Who knows what's percolating under the surface. Is someone secretly playing hurt? Which player is unhappy with his role, or looking to be traded, or at odds with Therrien? Has Therrien lost the room and thisclose to being fired? Has Bergevin approached Gionta/Markov/Briere/whomever about being traded? Is there a hidden reason why this player is overused and that player underused?

Sure, some of what we're seeing on the ice is due to hot and cold streaks, luck, and the limits of individual skill. But how much of Montreal's head-shaking, mystifying and totally perplexing on-ice performance is due to forces off the ice, behind the scenes?

My "Behind the Scenes" guess: The players have stopped responding to Therrien. The team looks disorganized and unmotivated, problems that can be traced to the top. Therrien has never been a creative or innovative coach, and while his change of tone worked nicely for about 75 games, his message has become stale and the players have gone on auto-pilot.

Bergevin knows it, Therrien feels it, but instead of a fresh start, we're seeing desperation, which further erodes the player/coach relationship.

What issue do you think is happening behind-the-scenes?

Well eklund seems to think the dressing room is in absolute shambles.. and he's the only one not too ***** to report it.

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