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Originally Posted by Edgy View Post
The problem is we'll be trading for "potential future" rather than immediate impact and somehow this management doesn't strike me as any different from previous ones in terms of managing assets and getting the right pieces.

We have players like Bouillon, Brière and Parros that have no business being on the team to begin with, a coach that can't coach or stick to a line for more than one shift and bunch of players playing in positions they shouldn't be.

At this point I believe we can get Malkin and still completely screw him up. The change that needs to happen is more than just the players and that is even more far fetched than us ever landing Malkin.
I'll give the admin a little more credit than you for its asset management. Let's not forget that none of Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Bournival, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Holland, Pateryn or Dumont had ever played an NHL game before 2013. The explosion of rookie exposure specifically reflects the Bergevin era.

On the other hand, no argument about Briere and Parros. Bouillon was solid but really regressed. I don't know if their continued over-usage is because everyone else is either worse or not ready in Hamilton, but at least two of the three will be gone after May.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Sorry man, I really am.

I came into this season pretty positive... and then we signed Briere. To me that kind of killed the momentum we had going because I really felt like we were on the right track. And really we played reasonably well at first but now?

Just don't know what's wrong because we should be better than we are with this roster. I still feel like catering to DD has seriously hurt us overall and is hurting us in the development of Eller.
We keep talking about specific players and specific holes, and to a point it's true, but my concern is that there's a deeper malaise within the dressing room. I think we're watching a demoralized, unmotivated team who no longer believe the coach's message and has tuned him out. Like you said, this roster should be better, and it has been better. If this awful play continues, the problem area is most likely between the ears.

The good news is that the solution to motivational issues can be as simple as a coaching change. Look at St-Louis before Hitchcock was brought in three years ago. The change in culture changed the outcome, with almost the same roster. I realize this leads us to the logical follow-up of who's available and... um... acceptable to Montreal, but that's another discussion.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
There were two moves that needed to be made for the Canadiens to be a competitor (especially with Price playing so damn well) at least in the East along side Boston and Pittsburgh. The competition in the east got even easier now that Boston has had to endure some serious injuries, namely one to Seidenberg who is a key component of Boston's shutdown game.

With the signing of Briere, I think the ship has sailed for this year. Unless the Canadiens can magically unload one of Briere and DD and replace either with a scoring RW winger with a little bit of sandpaper or ability to win battles on the wall (doesn't have to be a premier powerforward, two options were available in Jagr and MacAurthur this summer), the Canadiens can be in a little better position.

However, they still need help on D and I don't think Bergevin is willing to spend assets on both a forward and a D-man, hell he's reluctant to pay the price to fix one these holes. That is why there Briere signing is such a **** off. There we a couple of opportunities this summer for the Canadiens to fill a hole without wasting assets (except cap space of course), but instead Bergevin chose to sign the exact opposite of what the team needed. The Canadiens would have been in a better position if come deadline time, they would only need to trade assets to secure the defense. Now, there is no way Bergevin pays the price to fill the hole on the back end and up front.

I really feel as though an opportunity to take advantage a window was lost and I am disappointed not only in Bergevin's inability to read or see that window open up, but also his inability to act accordingly and take advantage of it.
I hate the Briere contract, but even I can't blame him for the ship sailing on this season. As I said above, this is a winning roster that has seemingly lost its ability to win. Whether it really is Therrien's fault or not, the total lack of chemistry and heart and concentration is symptomatic of mental letdown, and not because the Habs aren't big or skilled enough. I agree with all the personnel fixes you mentioned, except right now none of them will make a damn bit of difference if the players are unhappy. Sure, get that top-line forward, bring one of the defensemen up from Hamilton, but first and foremost, make sure the team has confidence in their coach. If they can't or won't play for Therrien, replacing him is the only personnel move that matters.

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