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Originally Posted by Onetimersniper28 View Post
I don't think you can cut 3 inches off an Easton shaft and not have the flex change (although Easton sticks/shaft are slightly whippier than their rated flex). I assume Combat shafts are as long as Bauer shafts. The regular length for a senior shaft is 52-54 inches. The new Warrior senior shafts are 56 inches long though.

At 5'8, I think you should settle for an Intermediate Warrior tapered shaft. They are almost as long as senior shafts (51 inches), and they are whippy (70 flex). They will not require any cutting for you.
I'm 3-4 inches taller than you, and I find 54 inch shafts like the senior Total One to be perfect for me. You should be good with a 51 inch shaft.
I would like to keep the shaft for a while, im still growing . I was thinking of the easton tapered shaft that is 55 inches at 70 flex, and cutting it to about 50 inches. Either that or the combat but there are no real specifications of the combat and I dont want to buy it blindly

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