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01-27-2004, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TXNYR
I think anyone out on the boards talking about the Rangers for the last few years, are real fans and are already on the bandwagon.

That doesn't mean that there are no reasons to be pessimistic. It could be like this until the end of time and I will always love the Rangers. The pride of the Rangers has been hurt lately. The fans really don't know what to do to get their point across so we come out here and talk about how we would change things. It's just crazy right now. But you're right, there isn't anything like it when the Rangers make the play-offs.

After 31 years, have you seen a lower point in Ranger history?

Hmmm.....good question Tex...have I ever seen a lower point in my Ranger fandom career?....I'd have to say right around the time I was 13-14 or so, after we lost to those pesky Islanders in '75 on that JPParise goal in OT till about until we got our games back in 1979 when we rode JD all the way to made that Cup final where we ultimatly lost to the powerful Canadians. For those 4 years, I'd have to say they were just about as bad, if not more than it is now. I mean, at least now, we can ast least know we have that Cup in our back pocket....Yeah, it was 10 years ago but its still VERY VERY fresh in my mind.

Back than from 1976-1978, us fans didn't have a Cup to brag about....we were in the midst of a 35 year old drought and things didn't look good as our club was simply putrid....really bad. Once Parise scored that goal, it was like Ranger mngt started to clean house getting rid of long time guys like BPark and JRatelle, mistakingly trading RMiddleton and bringing in hated guys like PEsposito,KHodge and Carol Vadnais

It was a somewhat similiar period to now. Thankfully though, we held onto some pretty good players like Esposito,SVickers,WTkachuk to get us through those tough dreary times and waited until young guys like RDuguay,DMurdoch,LDeblois,RGreschner,Donnie Maloney and especially JDavidson developed enough so we could ultimatly make that Stanley Cup run back in 1979 a memorable one.

So, yeah, this is pretty darn bad right now but I'd say 1976 thru 1978 was worse as we were terrible and there was no real hope. But this stretch we are in, is pretty darn doubt. Probably the most dissapointing 6 years I can recall in a row as the Rangers were REAL good from 1970 thru 1975....they had their dry spell as I said from '76-'78....Than they got good again making the playoffs I believe every year in the '80's except for once when Johnnie McLean did us in with his goal vs Chicago which knocked us out and got the Devils in. But than we were good again from '91 to '97 and that's been it.

So, overall, this six year drought has been the longest I've witnessed and though we stunk back in the mid 70's, we at least had the Duguays,Deblois,Greschners days we don't really have the kids and that's the problem.....Its not easy for a NY team to go thru a rebuilding stage but maybe that's the ticket....go through what we went through back in the mid 70's....get some high draft picks and couple that with a few solid vets and a superstar mixed in and voila......playoffs every year and maybe another Cup....Question is, can we be patient while a rebuilding process is done...hmmmmm.....that's the question.

I guess I wouldn't mind for us to be terrible rather than mediocre like we are now, just so long as I knew we eventually would be Cup contenders again....tough call though


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