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01-01-2014, 10:56 PM
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Having lived in China for a very long time I can honestly tell you that hockey is a joke over here.

In China it's a sport for spoiled rich kids.

The women play way better than the men. I'm not joking. If you've played junior C hockey and quit playing hockey within the last 15 years imagine this: Clone yourself enough times to fill out an entire roster.

I don't care what position you play you will be playing all positions.

Now. To make things fair, you're not allowed to play the body (they are) take slap shots or block shots.

Man no way. It wouldn't be fair. you'd still slaughter them.

The women's national team has improved over the years and it'll get better, but I do not expect to see the Chinese men's national team qualify for the Olympics in my lifetime.

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