Thread: Confirmed with Link: [EDM/BUF] Linus Omark For Conditional 6th '14
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01-02-2014, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by NAF View Post
I really liked Omark. I hope he can achieve his dreams and carve out an NHL career. I'm also really glad he's no longer a part of this organization. I'm also pretty sure that "fan boy" is a derogatory term intended to demean and belittle, and as such unacceptable conduct for this board.

Seriously. It's the first rule.
It's really not that harsh of a word, and I don't think people are saying it towards a particular poster.

Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
And? You think you're Nostradamus for pointing out the most absurdly obvious thing ever? Seven times?
Precisely. There are no "Omark fanboys" here today, or yesterday. Just jts with more tiresome predictions.

The "Omark fanboys", I guess would be some of the Swedish posters who started posting at hfoil around the time this team drafted players like MPS, Omark and Lander. I find it grossly inhospitable that those posters aren't "allowed" to follow/discuss/cheer on the progress of their countrymen without being called "fanboys".

Here's a thought, if your only reason for posting in this thread is to continue to trumpet your "eye for the game" because you picked Omark as a non NHLer, then maybe just refrain.
Where are you getting that from? It's when you have someone saying that the only reason Omark isn't producing like Forsberg in his prime is because the Oilers ruined him, that the term fanboy starts to get mentioned. There is a lot of posters from Europe that post on here. They just don't make ridiculous claims and act like their favorite player is the best player in the world.

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