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01-02-2014, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
He has the talent to be one. Probably a 30% chance he emerges as a legit 1st liner, really.

The thing I like about his development path is that he's a bus driver. He's leading his Remparts team right now where almost all their quality players are missing through injury or WJC participation. He's playing with meh linemates and literally carrying the team. That's not a very Ranger type player, as all the forwards we draft seem to work best in a complimentary situation. If we can get this kid to be a 30-30 player I'll be absolutely thrilled.
A 30% chance he emerges as a legit 1st liner? Jesus ****ing Christ. Only about 25% of SECOND ROUND picks have legitimate NHL careers of ANY KIND. Duclair was a late third round pick. If we want to be generous we could assign him a 30% chance of playing a full season in the NHL in any capacity. Let alone having a lengthy NHL career. Let alone being a ****ing first liner.

We never learn from our mistakes. We hype the **** out of prospects, and then when they turn pro everyone becomes stunned and hits the panic/trade button once they struggle (Kreider, for instance). Or, they don't work out at all and people's minds are blown (Grachev, for example). Duclair is looking like a real good value pick right now, but give the hype machine a break.

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