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01-02-2014, 07:01 AM
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Apparently there is a 60% chance the Flyers make the playoffs now.

They are at 0.550 on the year now.

They are at 0.595 since Berube took over.

They are at 0.656 since Berube camp.

It is most likely the Flyers go 20-17-5 from now on apparently. (0.536)

That would give them 89 points and a 74% chance at playoffs.

If they keep up 0.550 for the next 42 games that is 46 points... 20-16-6, which would give them 90 points and a 93.2% chance of playoffs.

If they keep up 0.595 for the next 42 games that is 50 points... 22-14-6, which would give them 94 points and a 99.7% chance of playoffs.

If they keep up 0.656 that is 55 more points... 25-12-5, which would give them 99 points and they would be guaranteed to be in the playoffs.

To have a very good chance (97%) of getting in they basically just need 92 points at the end of the season, 21-15-6 from now on. (0.571)

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