Thread: Confirmed with Link: [EDM/BUF] Linus Omark For Conditional 6th '14
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01-02-2014, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by TheWarriorSwe View Post
Hi guys, just wanna let you guys know am the current fanboy on Omark watch. If Omark does something awesome in the next 3hours it is my duty to post it here and flame you guys and your organisation.

Obviously as fans of Omark but first and foremost fans of the game of icehockey we feel that its not only our enjoyment, no but also our duty to kick on the oilers. Kicking on someone who is allready down is what icehockey and the nation of Sweden is all about.

Sense none of us fanboys have posted yet, i felt it was necesary to make our precense known to fuel the flame and add another page or two off people who can see into the future.

Omark is probably asleep now, so am having the graveyeard shift. However we have 4posters on active duty for the night game. If Omark touches the puck this messege board is gonna explode!

Omark on the outside track for Sochi!
Classic Hello in Sweden. Your team looks damn good in the world juniors!

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